I have been thinking a lot lately about confirmation and baptism and trying to come to some solid conclusion about what I think of it all. This has been sparked by my own baptism (last year) and confirmation (in a few hours). I’ll be standing tonight with 6 teenagers who are doing something pretty great. To stand in front of family and friends and declare that they love Jesus and want to continue loving him forever is special and shouldn’t be taken for granted. But tonight is something different for me. The issue is really what purpose confirmation serves when someone has been baptised as an adult. I have already made those promises for myself quite recently. I feel a little like tonight is special for those I’ll be standing with but almost obligatory for me. So you may be asking why I’m doing it. The honest answer is that I couldn’t think of a reason not to. Standing and declaring that I turn to Christ is a great thing and I think we should all say it as often as possible.


I would love to hear other thoughts on this???

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