The beginning of a new year…

I discovered early last year that every student at Moore College is assigned to a committee for the year. There are many different types of committees from music to computers to evangelism (can you believe we need a committee for that!!) and I was delighted when I was put on the orientation committee (amusingly referred to as the OC). There are 3 main things that we do. First is to organise the orientation bbq at the year of the end for the following years incoming students. Second is to organise the 1st year house party which is the weekend after next. Third is that we hang around during 1st year’s Greek weeks (this is the 3 weeks prior to college starting, when no-one else is around and Greek is high on the priority list).

2009’s first years students started yesterday, so for the last few days we have been working hard to welcome them, helping them move into Carillon and Chappo house, organising social get togethers, giving tours, talking lots about college life etc etc. Its been a fun and exhausted few days.

Its been great to spend time getting to know these fellow students of mine, and especially those who will be fellow housemates (or living across the road). The last few days, thought, have brought back vivid memories of my own first week at Carillon House and Moore College. It was a big adjustment to suddenly live, learn, eat and socialise with the same people day after day. But God is great and gave me great friends both at college and church and so here I am back for another round! So I thank God for the great times, and I pray he will use the hard times to encourage others and glorify his name.

And to those who have just joined this crazy and wonderful experience I say remember ‘when times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other’ (Ecclesiastes 7:14) and then remember your never alone.

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