You: an introduction

During my college break I have managed to read 2 books (almost) that are not part of my college set readings! YAY!

The second book I’m still working my way through. Part of the delay is that I’m not enjoying it (for a few reasons) – but more info on that later.

Good news is the first book was a winner.

You: an introduction is by Michael Jensen and is all about you…. but not

Michael looks at the complicated issue of what it means to be human and answers the question – who are you. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. While the topic is less than simple, it is not hard to read, in fact its very easy and enjoyable. Michael’s style of writing is very conversational, and at times quite funny.

The book explores different aspects of being human – you are alive, free, a child, either a boy or a girl, you speak, you dream – and how they contribute to what it means to be you. Ultimately it discovers that answer to the question who are we is wrapped up in the question of who Jesus is.

This is definitely a book you want to have on your shelf (after you’ve read it of course). Want to buy a copy? Go here. Buy 2 – so you can lend one to your friends.

Want to read a review of the book?? Find one here, here, here, here, or here.

Or click to here Michael’s ABC interview.

Or watch this.

7 thoughts on “You: an introduction

  1. lol – michael knows who the real creative genius behind that book is….well at least maybe 2% of the book….1%……0.5%?

  2. i hear phat camp was pretty awesome – great news

    read some of your lame jokes….. they lived up to expectation ;)

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