What not to say to your single friends… #5


So is there anyone special in your life at the moment??

Its an exciting thing when you start dating someone. A good friend of mine recently started dating someone – so I can tell you from first hand experience that when they start seeing someone they WILL tell you. You will know because for a little while it will be all they talk about.

(By the way – I’m not saying that’s bad, just stating a fact)   ;)

This is the one thing that causes the most awkwardness for me. When someone asks me if there’s someone special around I feel like I suddenly have to defend myself. It’s usually something like ‘no but I’m really happy being single at the moment…. Yada yada yada…’ and I feel like I have to convince them that I’m single by choice and not because there’s something wrong with me.

I think this is one of the most common things I get asked. Just about everyone I know has asked me at least once. When you get this same question asked over and over again it can start to be a little tedious and depressing.

My suggestion is instead of asking this question ask them how their relationship with Jesus is going – that’s a much better conversation to have.

3 thoughts on “What not to say to your single friends… #5

  1. For guys the question is: are there any ladies on the radar? I understand this is a valid question because guys are the ones who typically show their interest. Many guys will get to know a girl with the relationship question in the back of their mind.
    But I totally get how it’s not helpful esp. for ladies.

  2. “Many guys will get to know a girl with the relationship question in the back of their mind.”

    thats an interesting insight into the male mind

    • Kate my friend – for a single christian male, and single christian female is seen as a possible partner at one stage or another – or at least it was the case for me (a number of years back now).

      Its a great idea to put the relationship with Jesus as the top priority when talking with people – i’m even using it with married people as well

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