My new love <3


I have discovered this new love over the last week while I have been sick.

It’s herbal tea. My family are all coffee drinkers and the thought of drinking herbal tea has never really appealed to me until this week. Right now I am enjoying a nice cup of Camomile :-)

So when I go back to college I think I need to start a collection of teas. Any suggestions??

4 thoughts on “My new love <3

  1. I switched to tea at college, partly to evade those awful blue Dalek coffee-dispensers, partly to drop caffeine levels. Fiona is a big tea-freak, and her favourite for the moment is a T2 blend called “French Earl Grey.” She’s also a fan of peppermint tes, althouh Itend to regard that as expensive lawn clippings.
    Try a T2 shop and spend some time tasting.

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