The blood on our hands

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have heard or said this sentence Slide1

“Jesus died for you”

Yesterday I realised how inadequate it is.

Jesus didn’t just die for you. He was tortured for you. He was humiliated for you. He was treated like the world’s enemy for you.

Jesus didn’t just die for you. He died because of you. He was tortured by you. He was humiliated by you. He was treated like the world’s enemy by you.

And as we got his blood on our hands, he prayed for us. He willingly went to the cross so that we wouldn’t have to.

That is grace. Thank you, Jesus.

4 thoughts on “The blood on our hands

  1. Amen, sister! The extraordinary thing is that, through Christ, God actually uses our most heinous sin ever to redeem us. That’s amazing. If He can undermine our greatest evil and turn it to our good, what can’t He do!

    • i tried to post a comment on your blog today but it wasn’t working as far as i can tell. although in my efforts of trying it possible i may have posted the same comment about 6 times – soz if i did!

  2. it truly is amazing – and even more amazing it is Jesus who gave life to the very people who killed him. the breath we use to mock him, came from him. Amazing.

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