Life after exams…

Right now I am sitting in the lounge room of my folks house, with my 2 nephews (10 & 6) watching Sponge-Bob Square Pants. Well really they are watching and I am typing this.

After being locked up in a room for 3 weeks studying up to 11 hours a day, I am starting to feel like a normal person again. I have nothing much planned for the next few weeks other than a bunch of socialising.

Something I do like to do in my holidays is to read. Of course I have a couple of hundred pages of Calvin to read before college goes back next year, plus some summer Greek translation. But it is nice to have time to read something just because I want to. Here is a pile of books I’m hoping to get through before Christmas.

I have also added When I don’t desire God: How to fight for Joy by John Piper to the pile. I’m also looking for a cheap copy of Did I kiss marriage Goodbye? by Carolyn McCulley, but they may have to wait until after Christmas.

I’m trying to decide which book to start with. I have read half of Death by Love, which is good but not great so I think it can wait until the end (sorry Pastor Mark!). I’ve also started Shades of Sheol, which I am really enjoying even though I’m only in chapter 2. Having said that I promised someone I would read The Blue Parakeet so I will probably try an knock that over before reading any more of the others.

In fact I may go and start that now.

I heart holidays *big smiley face*


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