God is good. All the time.

I really love holidays. Relaxing is good but what I really like is time to think. I feel like my life at college and church is so much about learning that I barely have time to stop and process new information.

Of course the stuff I need to think about the most is often not new but the same old thoughts that often plague me. Today I sit and read ‘Knowing God’ (Packer) with a gorgeous view in front of me (pic below).

I’m reading a chapter called God Unchanging. I know God is good, but more than that I know he is God to me. This picturesque view is just one example of the good things he has given me, all of which are second to the salvation I have in Jesus. So why do I constantly doubt his goodness? Why am I so easily tempted to think he is withholding good from me?

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