On being childless

At the moment I’m quite enjoying being single. That’s not to say I find it easy but I really do like the freedom it gives to do pretty much whatever I want whenever I want. I like that I can drop everything and go if I need to. I like making decisions on the spot without the ‘let me just talk to *insert spouse’s name here*’ thing. It gets lonely at times and there are disadvantages (see last night’s rant) but on the whole being single does have perks.

For me right now the hardest thing is not the fact that I don’t have a husband but the fact that I don’t have children. I know that being married doesn’t necessarily mean I’d have children but there’d certainly be a much higher chance!

My nephew asked me a few days ago if an aunty is a kind of parent. I love that I’m close to my nephews. I love that I have a role in teaching them, disciplining them and teaching them about Jesus. I love conversations with my nephew about how God makes paper or how God is much more powerful even than Optimus Prime (amazing huh ;-) ).

I also love being involved in the lives of other kids and families. Unfortunately as a single person that’s not something you get the chance to do very often. At least I don’t. But when I do it’s really nice to know that even though you don’t have your own family you can still be a part of someone else’s.

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