“You want to be ordained in Sydney???”

I had a conversation today about studying at college and what I do at church etc etc. At one point I was asked what I planned to do after college and the conversation went something like this.

Guy: So what do you want to do after college?
Me: Well I’m hoping that after college the Sydney diocese will ordain me and then I’ll work in a church somewhere in Sydney.


Well, the smug, superior look on his face told me exactly what he thought of that. But to confirm it the next question was

Guy: As a minister?
Me: As a deacon, yes.
Guy: So not as clergy.


The conversation continue briefly while I tried to convince this man that the Sydney diocese of the Anglican church does in fact respect and value the ministry of women.

His response communicated to me that he was making judgements about me, and as it turns out they where judgements from nothing but ignorance. I patiently answered his questions, although it was clear he didn’t believe a word I was saying, but what I really wanted to say was that you might think the Anglican church hates me, but your ignorance, snap judgements and smug look show me that you’re the one that lacks respect. You’re the one that doubts my ability to make an informed, intelligent and biblical decision. You’re the one who thinks I’m less than based on what I do/don’t do and because I don’t agree with you. In that 5 minute conversation I felt less valued than my church has ever made me feel. Thanks for that.

6 thoughts on ““You want to be ordained in Sydney???”

  1. KT, I can’t stand that sort of attitude. It’s the kind of reverse of what is often caricatured of the complementarian position. The sort of view that says, ‘it’s intrinsic to who you are to do everything a man can do’. Grr.

    Good on you for standing first and given answers worthy of the glory of God.

    PS, have you been reading Mark Baddeley’s BRILLIANT posts on the egal/comp discussion on the Sola Panel? Gold!

    • thanks Mark. Its funny how people don’t realise they are doing exactly what they’re accusing others of. so silly!

      I haven’t seen Mark Baddeley’s post – I’ll check them out :)

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