When we get it right, I’m sorry is redemption

I’m completely in love with Grey’s Anatomy. I love it all, but I do have a favourite scene. It’s the very last scene in an episode called No good at saying sorry. But the thing that gets my attention is not whats happening in the scene, but whats been said in the voice over.

As Doctors we can’t undo our mistakes, and we rarely forgive ourselves for them. It’s a hazard of the trade. But as human beings, we can always try to do better, to be better, to right a wrong, even when it feels irreversible.

Of course, ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t always cut it. Maybe because we use it in so many different ways. As a weapon, as an excuse.

But when we are really sorry, when we use it right, when we mean it, when our actions say what words never can, when we get it right I’m sorry is perfect.

When we get it right, I’m sorry is redemption.

I find these words compelling – especially that last line. When we get it right, I’m sorry is redemption. I’ve been pondering the different ways that this is true in the life of a Christian. First its true for our relationship with Jesus. When we get it right, I’m sorry is literally the redemption of our souls.

Now, I’m pondering the place of ‘I’m sorry’ in our relationships with one another. I’m hoping (probably because I know there’s an ‘I’m sorry’ I need to say) that its redemption for our friendships too. Of course, when we say it to Jesus we know its met with forgiveness. With each other, I guess we need to take a risk. And hopefully, when we get it right, I’m sorry is redemption.

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