Candidates dinner and tough questions

Last night all the second year MTC students who are also candidates for ordination in the Sydney Anglican Diocese, were invited to dinner at the Archbishop‘s house.

After dinner ┬áhe posed some questions to us to get us thinking about the good and bad of the Anglican communion and about the 2 main things that have put a stress on that communion – namely the ordination of women (as priests/bishops) and the ordination of Gene Robinson.

One of the questions that came up while we were discussing this was whether these two things are different in how they affect us and how we should respond to them.

So this is my question. If you believe (as I do) that the bible is clear on the role of women as it relates to the headship, then isn’t ordination of women disobedience to God’s word? So then how does if differ from the ordination of homosexuals, if there are both a case of unrepentant sin?