A new look at Jonah

One of the great things about choosing not to study Hebrew this year (apart from not having to learn Hebrew) is the subject us non-hebrew student do instead called Biblical Exegesis and Exposition. Its a long name for a great subject. This term Bill Salier has been taking us through the great Old Testament book of Jonah.

I have been loving looking in detail at a story that I thought was familiar – turns out while I knew some of the content I had littleĀ appreciationĀ for the amazing way this narrative shows so clearly the compassion of God for his people.
God’s compassion then stands next to the un-compassion (is that a word??) of Jonah. When God showed compassion on Jonah he praises God and declares ‘salvation comes from the Lord’! But he does not want Nineveh to share in this salvation. When he sees God’s compassion for the Ninevites he says he is angry enough to die!
The book ends with the unanswered question from God – ‘should I not care about the great city of Nineveh??’
This amazing book poses 2 questions to us – Am I like Jonah?? and Who are my Ninevites??