the problem with music …

… it’s so distracting!

So, right now I should┬ábe studying. And I was just a few minutes ago. As I study I like some music in the playing in the background so I love the shuffle button on itunes. It makes me happy. But sometimes a particular song will come on that completely distracts me from what I’m trying to learn (currently a history of Catholicism in Australia). Monday it was Adele. Her voice is just so incredible that as soon as she started playing I couldn’t concentrate on study. Today it’s this song.

The thing about ‘The Rose’ is that we have history. When I was 14 I started singing lessons and this was one of the first songs I was taught. Around the same time my uncle was in hospital dying. One day we went to visit him and he asked my mum if she could go to his house and find his copy of The Rose. It was his favourite song and he wanted to listen to it. Obviously we found him a tape to listen to, but that day I sat next to him and sang it for him. No music. Just a girl singing to her uncle. With every other patient in the room (and their visitors) listening. Simultaneously one of the most embarrassing and amazing moments in my life.

But now I just can’t stop loving the song.

A question


So this might seem like a stupid question but I always find it hard to know what is acceptable music to listen to. I sometimes think that if we only listened to music with no “non-Christian” stuff in it we would be left with only Christian music which, quite frankly, is often very lame.

This question comes now because I have been listening to Lily Allen’s album and I really like it. I haven’t checked out all the lyrics yet but one of two of them I wonder which side of the line they fall on.

So my question is – where do we draw the line?