Thanks :)

Here is a quick update on my last post.

My book review is looking good – only 400 words to go! And they can easily wait until Monday.
Sunday school is all prepped, and I’m ready (although fairly nervous) to do my first kids talk at church.
So, while I am still overwhelmed by the year ahead, I am feeling better.

Thanks to guys who offered to help my with various things – you rock!

I also wanted to let you all know how blessed I feel to be under the care of such amazing faculty at college. It’s always nice to hear that its ok to be feeling stressed and its ok to take time off when you need to. And thats exactly what I needed to hear today – so thanks to the lecturer who noticed I wasn’t around and took the time to care for me.


Here is why I am a basket case.

In 6 days my first assessment for second year is due. It is a book review, and while I am finished the book I will be reviewing I feel like I could read books from now until the end of time and still not totally understand the issue involved.
But 6 days is plenty of time to write 2000 words, right?? Except that on Saturday I have a wedding to go to – actually to be a part of, While I am delighted to be involved in the wedding it does mean that suddenly my 6 days is down to 5 (not including tonight because we have the rehearsal).
Sunday I am at church most of the day so now 5 days goes down to 4. Also I realize that in the next 2 days I need to prepare for Sunday school as well as my first ever kids talk in church.
Suddenly I am feeling panicked.

So what am I doing now?? Well after sitting in traffic for 2 hours to get to Penrith for the rehearsal I am filling in the ½ hour until we start but having a well earned coffee and realizing that sitting in a café with your macbook is not so common here as it is in Newtown.

Now that I think about it, this is not the only reason that I am a basket case but it is certainly the most predominate at the minute.

Good stress relief

My favourite things to do to relieve exam/study stress –

1. Go for a walk with a good friend to UB’s for coffee – surprisingly this is less about the coffee and more about the walk and company
2. Watching something good on tv – at the moment the viewing of choice is The West Wing
3. Have a nice hot bubble bath – due to the lack of a bath this is yet to happen but I’m looking forward to enjoying the bath at my folks place on the weekend

Any other suggestions???