What is NT prophecy???

Last week I was privileged to be able to be a part of a conference that teaches youth and children’s ministry leaders to write bible studies/talks for their groups. It was a great conference!

(see www.nextgen.kcc.org.au for more info)

One of the speakers for the week was Grant Retief, the minister of ‘The Bible Talks Student Church’ in Durban, South Africa. He spoke to us from John chapters 14 & 17. In one of the many Q & A’s I was able to hear Grant spoke about what he thought NT prophecy and tongues was. He said it much more elegantly than I can remember but his definition was something like ‘a prophetic insight of application of the scriptures, that may or may not be correct’. (I should clarify that he said prophecy is not less than this but could be more). He also commented that he thinks this happens in bible studies which set my brain to work thinking about the implication this has on woman leading mixed bible study groups.

Anyway the questions I have is what do you think NT prophecy is and how does that related to the woman & bible study issue??? Big question I know – but I would love your thoughts!

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