What is NT prophecy???

Last week I was privileged to be able to be a part of a conference that teaches youth and children’s ministry leaders to write bible studies/talks for their groups. It was a great conference!

(see www.nextgen.kcc.org.au for more info)

One of the speakers for the week was Grant Retief, the minister of ‘The Bible Talks Student Church’ in Durban, South Africa. He spoke to us from John chapters 14 & 17. In one of the many Q & A’s I was able to hear Grant spoke about what he thought NT prophecy and tongues was. He said it much more elegantly than I can remember but his definition was something like ‘a prophetic insight of application of the scriptures, that may or may not be correct’. (I should clarify that he said prophecy is not less than this but could be more). He also commented that he thinks this happens in bible studies which set my brain to work thinking about the implication this has on woman leading mixed bible study groups.

Anyway the questions I have is what do you think NT prophecy is and how does that related to the woman & bible study issue??? Big question I know – but I would love your thoughts!

The last few weeks……

A few very exciting things have happened in the last few weeks and a few sad things.

Exciting things first –
I went to Batemans Bay for a week with some friends from church – and what a great week it was!! Very relaxing! We celebrated my birthday and New years while we were away which added an extra bit of fun to our week.
The following week was Summerfest on the Central Coast. I was on the Xtreme team (yrs 7-9) and we averaged about 90 kids a day!! It was HEAPS of fun :)
We also did some door knocking in the afternoons – which while being very scary, I actually enjoyed it and have been inspired to join the evangelism committee at college this year.
It was also a privilege to spend some time at Central Coast Evangelical Church (aka EV).
Next week will also be exciting as I head off to Next Gen (formally KYLC). Its is a great privilege and responsibility to be able to teach the leaders of the next generation of leaders so please pray for me and my co-leader Simon (Jacko) as we lead.
Now for some sad things –
Just before Christmas I farewelled my home church Glenmore Park Anglican. It has been my home for the last 4 years and it was a very sad day.
This Sunday I join the team at St Augustine’s Neutral Bay (this probably belong in the list of exciting things).
I blogged a few weeks ago about my aunty and grandma who were schedule for surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer. My aunty’s surgery has been postponed until the end of the month. My grandma’s went well and has recovered well and is back at home. Sadly the cancer is in her lymph nodes. She requested that the lymph nodes not be removed and she has declined to have chemotherapy. Please continue to pray for them both and my dad.