Weekend Away

Last weekend was the first year weekend away. This is a weekend organised by the Orientation Committee with a view to helping the first years (and especially the non-studying spouses) to start to get to know each other and form some good relationships. My own first year weekend away was overwhelming but very worth while and important for me in terms of getting to know people beyond the point of ‘whats your name again?’. From what I saw everyone seemed to have a good time this year.

The primary role for the Orientation Committee once we get to the weekend away is to provided creche for most of the time we are there. So I was doing baby creche for most of the weekend. Kids are not really my thing and I was pretty bummed about not getting to be in the sessions that were happening and not getting to socialise as much as I would like. But that changed Sunday afternoon. There was a couple whose son was in creche for the first time this weekend. When they picked him up for the last time on Sunday afternoon his mum (who I had never met before she dropped him off to creche) came and hugged me and thanked me for looking after him. She explained that since he was born she rarely gets to sit next to her husband in church, or enjoy singing songs or hearing sermons anymore. She was so thankful that she had been able to do that on the weekend. Her gratitude suddenly made me feel thankful that I had been able to serve her and others in such a practical and yet simple way. It also made me wish I had served them more joyfully. 

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