Help me – vote now!

I need your help!!!

I have a Sunday school (kind of) without a name and wold love to hear what names you like.

This is the short list at the moment – this includes the kids suggestions  : )help_me_please_by_anti__white

13 thoughts on “Help me – vote now!

  1. Didn’t realise they include the kid’s suggestions. If they chose it, I guess they’re happy with it. I just can’t picture my year 6 guys getting excited for any of those…

    Pulp, Grind, or an acronym that makes a word, might attract them more.
    But of those, Splash. :)

  2. glad you said that haysey – i have no idea how 11 yr old boys think ;)

    I’m not sure about acronyms – i think they create insiders and outsiders – but if I heard one that I thought was good enough I am open to being swayed

  3. theres not really any particular rationale to any of the names more the concept

    at G-park we picked group names that sounded cool because kids liked that and weren’t embarrassed by the names. we also picked words with no particular meaning so we avoided the insider/outsider issue (insider being someone who knows what the names means, the outsider being everyone else). basically we aimed for names that weren’t lame!

    i like splash because its cool, fun and exciting. the other 2 names were suggestions from kids.

    having said all of that – i am taking experience/theories from youth and applying to kids – which may not work, but my lack of experience with this should come as no surprise to anyone

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