Mission – 2 days in…..

So mission started yesterday. Here is what I have done so far:

Sunday –
Church @ All Saints Waitara 8:30 am followed by morning tea
10am church followed by morning tea (again) and lunch for the team and whole church
2pm – door knocking in the surrounding streets
6:30pm – borders chapel at Abbotsleigh
Monday –
cooked breakfast at my lovely billets house
hanging out at Mark & Emily Carpenter’s house, prep-ing a talk for Abbotsleigh chapel on wednesday
lunch with some of the team – Yum cha rocks!
more hanging out – watching movies, twittering, facebook, blogging
And that brings you up to date!
Today was a lovely relaxing day but I still don’t feel ready for the onslaught that is to come.
I saw the chapel at Abbotsleigh yesterday – it is huge!
Abbotsleigh Chapel
On Wednesday it will be full on teenage girls (including the upstairs section) and my job is to try and hold their attention for 10 minutes… a thought that is terrifying and exciting all at once!
Plans for tomorrow are –
Team meeting at 8:30am
Ladies craft group @ 10am
Lunch with the team @ church – 12pm
Handing out leaflets and Luke’s gospel at Hornsby Mall – 2pm till 6pm
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