Canberra: Day 2 & 3

Well, much has happened over the last 2 days in Canberra.

Monday was gentle ease into the week – we spent some time getting to know the Crossroads team, doing some walk-up evangelism training with the students at FOCUS at the Australian National University, then in the evening a few of us were able to take part in an open discussion night for people who were thinking about paid ministry and bible college for the future.

Today we put the walk-up training into action as we joined FOCUS for a few hours of walk-up at the ANU. By all accounts so excellent conversation were had and people showed a lot of interested in the other events that FOCUS is putting on across the week. Praise God for the students at FOCUS who are convinced that the gospel is true and boldly took the opportunity to share it today. Pray that those we spoke to will take the opportunity to go the other events and hear who Jesus is.

This afternoon 6 of us went to Turner Primary school to help out with an afternoon kids club called SUPA. The day started with leaders demonstrating Jesus servant heartedness by washing the feet of all the children. Thank God for the 3 kids who came today, for the first time.Pray that kids will remember that Easter is about Jesus, the king who washes our sin away.

But much more is still to come for day 3. Please pray for the 3 events on tonight

  • Cameron will be speaking on God’s grace at ADFA
  • Nick will be answering tough questions at a dialogue dinner
  • Adam will be answering whatever questions are thrown at him at a Q&A session at ANU. Pray especially for Adam who is unwell

Pray that many will come to these events, and be convicted of the truth of the gospel.


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Answering tough questions in Canberra

Yesterday was a great start to mission in Canberra. Both morning services went well with Crossroads South having their biggest service yet.

Much of the day was spent meeting and getting to know the families we will be living with this week.

Kate and Cameron were lucky enough to be able to join a family who, in light of neighbour day, had invited their whole street over to the house for lunch. They have 8 neighbours visit, most of whom didn’t know each and yet stayed for over 3 hours. Thank God for the new friendships that were formed, and pray that Ken & Jo (hosts) would continue to work on those relationships, and embrace opportunities to share Jesus’ words of eternal life with their neighbours.

The whole team was together for the first time yesterday at Crossroads in the City, a night congregation that meets at the ANU.

The lecture theatre was just about packed out, and Con preached on the Invention of Dying (for sins) from Isaiah 53. After church, we had areas set up where people could come and speak to members of the team to get answers to tough questions such as

  • Are science and Christianity against each other?
  • Can we believe the Bible?
  • Does God really punish people who don’t trust in him?
  • Is Jesus the only way?

No-one was sure how or if this would work, but it was a great success! Most the discussion groups had a lot of interest – in fact the science and Christianity discussion have to split into 3 groups.

We also had some areas where people could go for prayer and to talk about how to become a Christian. Last night a guy who the church has contact with though ADFA finally made the decision to follow Jesus! Praise God for him and those who have been sharing, & will continue to share, God’s word with him.

Praise God for a great first day and please keep praying for the team’s preparation for various events, interactions with church members (especially our billets) and those doing work with the ANU team.


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Behind the scenes: Canberra

Today was our final team meeting before we all arrive at Crossroads Church, Canberra, on Sunday morning.

We’re all really excited about the chance to partner with Crossroads for the week and we would love your prayers as we do so. Please pray for us as we prepare talks, kids programs, for door knocking, walk up evangelism and to answer difficult questions. Pray that we would always be prepared to give an answer for the reason for the hope that we have and that we would answer with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Here is a snapshot of our calendar for the week

It’s going to be busy so please pray for the team as we navigate events in multiple locations. Pray that we would work well together, and with the team at Crossroads. Above all pray that we would be worthy ambassadors of Christ and that people would be compelled to consider who Jesus is.

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Mission in the nation’s capital

Once again the time has come for Moore College to send us out into the world (literally) to partner with churches for a week of mission. While many of our teams will be Sydney based, there are a few teams heading a little further.

This year my mission team is heading to Canberra to work with Crossroads Church for 8 days, starting Sunday. Much excitement!

But we’re not the team going the furthest. One team will be on planes this weekend, heading to Hong Kong for the week.

If you want to know a little about what we do on mission read about my last 2 years here.

It’s always a busy week and of course we’d love your prayerful support as we head out. If you’d like to pray for us, or if you would just like to know what’s happening, you can read updates from all the teams on the moore college mission blog. I’ll be over there, keeping you updated on behalf of the Canberra team.

You can also follow the #mooremissions tweets.

When things don’t go as planned…

On Monday morning the team went to the unusual community of Macquarie Links to do some letter box drops. The reason this community is so unusual is that it’s a gated community that surrounds a beautiful looking golf course. House prices in the suburb starts at the $500 000 mark, which is highly unusual for this area of the South West.

There’s one family who attend St Barnabas Ingleburn who live in Macquarie Links. They are very keen to open their home to a small group for the area, and so the letters we delivered on Monday invited each and every resident to one of 2 meetings to discuss and ask questions about Christianity – either Wednesday night or Friday morning.

On Wednesday night 6 people from the community turned up. They’re all Christians and very glad to have contact with other Christians in the area. A great night of prayer and testimony was had and there are plans in place to continue to meet up with this group.

Today was the second of these meetings. Jacque, Dan and I went over ready with gospel presentations and testimonies and hopefully some answers to people’s questions.

Sadly, it seems that Friday mornings is not the best time for this obviously very hard-working community. Even though we had no guests we chatted about the gospel and shared testimonies with our host, Jenny and her daughter Sharon. It was an amazingly encouraging time listening to Jenny share her story and to spend time in prayer with her, for her, her family and thanking God for Jesus.

Jacque shares her testimony

This meeting didn’t exactly go as planned but God is good all the time, and he gave us a great gift of encouragement this morning from a faithful woman who loves Jesus and seeks to love others and he would.

Jenny shares her home & her life

Jenny is the kind of woman that everyone wishes they had at their church and it was a pleasure to share her life with her today.

Thinking about church planting

Yesterday our team spent some time hearing about a church plant gone wrong from the minister who eventually made the decision to shut it down.

It was interesting listening to his reflections on what may have gone wrong and how it do it better but the most striking statement for me was his warning to us not to fall into the trap of thinking MTC needs more practical subjects. Practical things are best learnt as we get out there and do them. Theological study is important because it shapes our doctrine, which in turns shapes why we do what we do. We must get our doctrine right first.

Mission 2010

It starts on Sunday.

I both love and hate it at the same time. The fact that the timetable we got last night looks strangely different to the one we got last week frustrates me. The fact that we have 3 women’s groups running simultaneously on Thursday is an interesting development. One of the biggest frustrations is that the one big women’s event has no gospel talk.

But all that aside I’m excited about lots of opportunities to tell people about Jesus. (If you don’t know him read about how he will change your life here)

It’s sure to be a busy but great week. Looking forward to sharing some stories in a week!

UPDATE: each mission team will be sharing some stories throughout the week on a blog set up especially for Moore College mission. Read about our time at Ingleburn, along with the other teams’ stories here

If you’re on twitter #MooreMission is the hash tag you want to follow for the week