Mission – Day 6

So here we are at day 6. What a great week it has been!!

Wednesday was about the best day of my life (slight exaggeration but it was a good day). Chapel at Abbotsleigh seemed to go well. I had fun, girls seemed to be listening, lots of good feedback was given.

Following this a group of 6 of us went to Hornsby Girls High to do a Q&A withe the Christian lunchtime group. This group of girls was amazing! They usually have anywhere between 30 – 60 girls (50 showed up on wed) and it is run by a group of year 11 girls. I was so encouraged by the work that these girls put into running this group and they do a great job! We had some amazing questions to answer and didn’t get through anywhere near as many as we would have liked. It was a great time of interaction between the team and the girls. Thanks for having us ladies :)

I then had the afternoon to chillax which is always nice.

At night we had a ladies coffee and dessert at All Saints Waitara. It was a lovely privilege to be able to hear my wonderful friend Megan preached on the greatest makeover ever. On of the greatest things about mission is to be able to serve alongside your college friends and its always great to hear them preach. Megs did a great job!

Read more about my team’s mission here.

About to hit the road for chapel and lunchtime group at Barker. Pray it goes well

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