Mission – Day 8


Well we have come to the last day of mission – and it has been quite a week!

Friday was all about Barker College. We went and hung out at year 10 chapel – Steve Blyth preached up a storm and Andrew gave a great testimony. We they hit up their lunch time group where Gus – the MT-er at St Andrews Wahroonga – challenged the kids on being workers for the harvest, and I gave a testimony. (Want to read it? Check out my about page.)

After that we tag along to some Christian studies classes. I went to a Year 7 boys class where the teacher gave the kids 30 minutes to grill me and my team mate on any questions they had about the bible, God etc. That was a tough 30 minutes!

Friday night I left my mission team to tackle the youth at All Saints Waitara while I headed back to my church (St Augustines Neutral Bay) to speak to 30+ primary school girls about what is better than chocolate. They were a tough crowd but I know at least one girl left understanding the gospel so praise God for that!

Saturday was the Family Festival at All Saints. Despite not the best weather a heap of people from the community turned up and seemed to have a great time – many stayed for a few hours. I have a blast walking around giving people ‘The Essential Jesus’ (Luke’s gospel) and free Colin DVD’s for their kids. It was a great day and the church raised $4000! It was a great day and the church did an awesome job!

This morning I hit up 8:30 church (after a much appreicated extra hours sleep) and 10am church. Pretty soon I’ll be heading off to get ready for 5pm cafe church and then pizza and trivia night. After that a brief team meeting and then i’ll hit the road for Newtown and I much anticipated LONG nights sleep in my own bed.

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It has been an amazing week! Praise God for his work through us and the 2 churches we have been serving. Pray that many seeds will have been sown onto ground of deep soil that will produce a crop.

I had many hesitations before mission but it has been an awesome week and God has given me many opportunities to serve that have help me think hard about my future after college. It has been a week that has started to cement my thinking about what I will do. Please pray for wisdom as I think through what to do over the next few years while I’m at college to best equip myself for the future.

Mission – Day 6

So here we are at day 6. What a great week it has been!!

Wednesday was about the best day of my life (slight exaggeration but it was a good day). Chapel at Abbotsleigh seemed to go well. I had fun, girls seemed to be listening, lots of good feedback was given.

Following this a group of 6 of us went to Hornsby Girls High to do a Q&A withe the Christian lunchtime group. This group of girls was amazing! They usually have anywhere between 30 – 60 girls (50 showed up on wed) and it is run by a group of year 11 girls. I was so encouraged by the work that these girls put into running this group and they do a great job! We had some amazing questions to answer and didn’t get through anywhere near as many as we would have liked. It was a great time of interaction between the team and the girls. Thanks for having us ladies :)

I then had the afternoon to chillax which is always nice.

At night we had a ladies coffee and dessert at All Saints Waitara. It was a lovely privilege to be able to hear my wonderful friend Megan preached on the greatest makeover ever. On of the greatest things about mission is to be able to serve alongside your college friends and its always great to hear them preach. Megs did a great job!

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About to hit the road for chapel and lunchtime group at Barker. Pray it goes well