When things don’t go as planned…

On Monday morning the team went to the unusual community of Macquarie Links to do some letter box drops. The reason this community is so unusual is that it’s a gated community that surrounds a beautiful looking golf course. House prices in the suburb starts at the $500 000 mark, which is highly unusual for this area of the South West.

There’s one family who attend St Barnabas Ingleburn who live in Macquarie Links. They are very keen to open their home to a small group for the area, and so the letters we delivered on Monday invited each and every resident to one of 2 meetings to discuss and ask questions about Christianity – either Wednesday night or Friday morning.

On Wednesday night 6 people from the community turned up. They’re all Christians and very glad to have contact with other Christians in the area. A great night of prayer and testimony was had and there are plans in place to continue to meet up with this group.

Today was the second of these meetings. Jacque, Dan and I went over ready with gospel presentations and testimonies and hopefully some answers to people’s questions.

Sadly, it seems that Friday mornings is not the best time for this obviously very hard-working community. Even though we had no guests we chatted about the gospel and shared testimonies with our host, Jenny and her daughter Sharon. It was an amazingly encouraging time listening to Jenny share her story and to spend time in prayer with her, for her, her family and thanking God for Jesus.

Jacque shares her testimony

This meeting didn’t exactly go as planned but God is good all the time, and he gave us a great gift of encouragement this morning from a faithful woman who loves Jesus and seeks to love others and he would.

Jenny shares her home & her life

Jenny is the kind of woman that everyone wishes they had at their church and it was a pleasure to share her life with her today.

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