Mission in the nation’s capital

Once again the time has come for Moore College to send us out into the world (literally) to partner with churches for a week of mission. While many of our teams will be Sydney based, there are a few teams heading a little further.

This year my mission team is heading to Canberra to work with Crossroads Church for 8 days, starting Sunday. Much excitement!

But we’re not the team going the furthest. One team will be on planes this weekend, heading to Hong Kong for the week.

If you want to know a little about what we do on mission read about my last 2 years here.

It’s always a busy week and of course we’d love your prayerful support as we head out. If you’d like to pray for us, or if you would just like to know what’s happening, you can read updates from all the teams on the moore college mission blog. I’ll be over there, keeping you updated on behalf of the Canberra team.

You can also follow the #mooremissions tweets.

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