Thinking about church planting

Yesterday our team spent some time hearing about a church plant gone wrong from the minister who eventually made the decision to shut it down.

It was interesting listening to his reflections on what may have gone wrong and how it do it better but the most striking statement for me was his warning to us not to fall into the trap of thinking MTC needs more practical subjects. Practical things are best learnt as we get out there and do them. Theological study is important because it shapes our doctrine, which in turns shapes why we do what we do. We must get our doctrine right first.

Year 3, Day 1

Technically I’m 2 days in but it was day 1 that makes me think I’m in for quite a year. We started third year with 2 hours of Doctrine lectures and ‘Eschatology’ is the subject for this term. About half way through lecture 2, the line in my notes that blew my mind was something along the lines of

The Messiah Jesus is the eternal mediator and we shouldn’t anticipate an unmediated relationship with the Father in the new creation.

Well. That’s new – at least for me. Certainly looking forward to the rest of the year!

New people

Today was the first day of Greek Weeks for the new first year students at college. It was also the first day of official duties of the Orientation Committee. And it was exhausting.

I love people and I love new people but its a lot in one day (about 130 new students today) and I’m quite tired right now.

But as much as its exhausting for me I’m sure it’s even worse for the students who have just started college. It’s a blessing to have them at college and so I hope you will join with me in praying for them, especially over these first 3 weeks. Here are some suggested prayer points to get you started –

  • For energy as they move through this people intensive time
  • Easy conversations
  • For those who are particularly anxious about Greek – that anxiety will ease and Greek will come easier than expected
  • For married students – that they would quickly work out how to manage study and time with family
  • For spouses & kids – that we will welcome them into the college community, especially during the house party this weekend
  • For single students – that living in community would be a blessing, not a burden
  • For part-time students (approx. 30) – that they would feel included in the year group relationships

Exam number 1

OT theology. Here are the questions I answered…

To what extent is the nation of Israel the embodiement of hope helf out in the Pentateuch?

Discuss the use and significance of ‘type scenes’ in the books of the Former Prophets. Illustrate your answer with specific exampls.     (I was particularly thankful for this question :) )

Discuss the theological significance of the signs in the books of Isaiah.


Can you believe its that time of year already?!

Today is the last day of college for the year. My first exam is in 11 days.

Getting ready for some pretty serious study over that time.

I have 4 exams all up and then 2nd year will be over! And (providing I pass exams) I will be half way through college! woot!

I would love your prayers over the next 3 weeks.

My awesome brothers….


So I have been pretty down lately. Not sure why but lots of little things about college have been getting to me. Especially things about living in the community of Carillon House. Not that there aren’t great things about it and not that the girls I live with aren’t amazing, but there are really hard things about it too. Things like not getting to decide what you eat for dinner, or what time you eat or not being able to cook for yourself and things like that, that people living in their own house might take for granted (or even complain about). Its the grown-up things that we all wish we got to do.

Anyway enough complaining… what I really want to share is how great the guys in my year group are. There are a couple in particular (hopefully you know who you are!) who I know go out of their way to care for me. Amidst the hardship of college its so special to spend time with these men, my brothers. To share with them, study with them, pray with and for them.

So I say thank you to my dear brothers in Christ.

‘I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.’1:3-6

The year behind me

This year has been perhaps the greatest and worst year of my life so far. So its quite a big task to write about it. Hopefully in the near future I’ll figure out how to do that but for now let me say I am glad it is over – although the wait for results is going to be long….

Having reached the end of a tumultuous year I need to give a big thank you to everyone who has loved, prayed for, supported and encouraged me this year. You have made this year a little easier and a great deal better – I hope I can return the favour sometime. And enormous thanks and praise to our our great God who has blessed me with the gift of wonderful friends – I hope you all know who you are!

“Two are better than one because they have good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Community Living

Well here I am bursting into the world of blogging – mostly thanks to an afternoon of Greek study and my overwhelming talent of procrastination.

So what does a first year theology student blog about. I have no idea! Tonight I find myself with nothing much to say but here are some thoughts I had a few weeks ago about community living.

Today my first year group (a group of 8 first years who are amazing and get to sit and chat once a week) got me thinking about life in community, and specifically Moore Theological College as community.
It seems this is an issue that is very intense for some people, while others ask ‘what’s the big deal’?
And what is the big deal for me?? Community has amazing benefits – take for example the community I have with the 7 others in my first year group. We are a group made up of 2 single girls, 1 single guy, 3 married guys whose wives do not study and 1 married couple who both study. Among us are people from Queensland, South Australia, various places in NSW and across Sydney and some haven’t moved at all. Some have come from MTS, some have come from secular work. Some have been Christians all their lives and some only a few years. Some have even come from outside the Anglican Church (shocking i know ;)). Our experiences of life, college and community are all different and yet we are able to sit in a room and share ideas and thoughts and, more importantly, our own hurts and joys. Regardless of our different opinions we do this without judgment because we are unified in Christ and are all seeking to love and care for each other. We can sit and be honest with each other knowing that we are safe inside our community. This is an amazing privilege and hopefully an insight into the benefit of Christian community (albeit a small one). And as the community grows so does the scale of the benefits and joys.
But…. the same is true of the downfalls. The bigger community gets the more obvious its disadvantages are. Sometimes at college I feel as though the solution to my problems would be to get away from community – and as a college resident this can be hard to do. Not only do you study, eat and live in community, but walking the streets of Newtown you so frequently see other college students and faculty it seems that the whole suburb in an extension of the community.
And this big brother-ish feel is but one of the many facets of college community life. This didn’t even rate a mention in our discussion today and in fact was not even what I had intended to write about. What we did talk about was the expectations we had of college before we came, the reality of those expectations and relationships between married students and single students.
So the question I really want to ask is this – if community is intended to bring about unity, how can we stop segregation within a group of people who are so obviously different when the basic principle that like attracts like is true even here???