Exam number 1

OT theology. Here are the questions I answered…

To what extent is the nation of Israel the embodiement of hope helf out in the Pentateuch?

Discuss the use and significance of ‘type scenes’ in the books of the Former Prophets. Illustrate your answer with specific exampls.     (I was particularly thankful for this question :) )

Discuss the theological significance of the signs in the books of Isaiah.


Can you believe its that time of year already?!

Today is the last day of college for the year. My first exam is in 11 days.

Getting ready for some pretty serious study over that time.

I have 4 exams all up and then 2nd year will be over! And (providing I pass exams) I will be half way through college! woot!

I would love your prayers over the next 3 weeks.