Exam number 1

OT theology. Here are the questions I answered…

To what extent is the nation of Israel the embodiement of hope helf out in the Pentateuch?

Discuss the use and significance of ‘type scenes’ in the books of the Former Prophets. Illustrate your answer with specific exampls.     (I was particularly thankful for this question :) )

Discuss the theological significance of the signs in the books of Isaiah.

2 thoughts on “Exam number 1

  1. Nice questions.

    Does the ‘nation of Israel’ in the first one refer to the people of Israel in general, or Israel as a nation in a more social/political sense i.e. from Sinai to Babylonian Exile (or even just Saul/David to the Exile)?

    I’d be interested to hear how you answered them (maybe in summary form?). After the rest of your exams are over, of course.

  2. considering the context of the question was the Pentateuch I answered with Israel in general. If the question had have been in reference to the former prophets I probably would have answered differently.

    I will try and comment later with some summaries of my answers but I will warn you that answers born out of exam conditions are not great ;-)

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