New people

Today was the first day of Greek Weeks for the new first year students at college. It was also the first day of official duties of the Orientation Committee. And it was exhausting.

I love people and I love new people but its a lot in one day (about 130 new students today) and I’m quite tired right now.

But as much as its exhausting for me I’m sure it’s even worse for the students who have just started college. It’s a blessing to have them at college and so I hope you will join with me in praying for them, especially over these first 3 weeks. Here are some suggested prayer points to get you started –

  • For energy as they move through this people intensive time
  • Easy conversations
  • For those who are particularly anxious about Greek – that anxiety will ease and Greek will come easier than expected
  • For married students – that they would quickly work out how to manage study and time with family
  • For spouses & kids – that we will welcome them into the college community, especially during the house party this weekend
  • For single students – that living in community would be a blessing, not a burden
  • For part-time students (approx. 30) – that they would feel included in the year group relationships

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