7 thoughts on “Here’s an interesting topic…..

  1. yeah. i think they’re onto something.
    that’s an observation i’ve heard others make before… and can see it in the way that female friends who’ve been to college/involved in vocational ministry almost become untouchable super-Christians!

    • i think they might be right too. but i don’t think its justified and i absolutely don’t think its a reason not to come to college

      so here’s another question – from a bloke’s perspective, what do us girls do about it??

      • i reckon the problem is soft blokes.
        there’s lots of quality girls i know in ministry that are too good for lots of blokes!!! they deserve better!!! so the key is good ministry amongst young blokes that they be men and not boys. also some lessons in how to take the initiative in asking how etc.

        so what should girls do? pray for their weak brothers.
        and talk to blokes who are married to get alongside single fellas and help them out.

        what do you think?

        (ps – i’m not for a moment that the above generalisation is true for every single bloke)

  2. I think it is a big yes, if the bloke is not really committed to ministry and the word of God. I think if the bloke is committed to those things, but is confident in the reason as why he is not at bible college it should be fine.

    But if they are committed to God’s word and ministry, I see no reason for that to be the case.

  3. “i reckon the problem is soft blokes.”

    i wonder if this is a little harsh. I think part of the problem is the message we teach about male/female relationships. We are so set on teaching that men lead and women follow (which is right) but do we spend enough time teaching what that means?

    I see the reverse of this problem in my ministry – young woman whose number one means of deciding who are quality guys is can he lead me’ – but without understanding what that means. because of that they have unreal expectation of men and set their standards too high. this is the reason that men in ministry (especially at college) become super-attractive to single girls.

    so i imagine that if the girls are thinking ‘can he lead me’ the guys are thinking ‘can i lead her’ and then they assume that if she is at college the answer must be no.

    i think its good, in fact great, for people to want godly relationships but i think we need to work harder at thinking through what that actually means.

  4. As a single christian bloke, i always thought “that girl is way too good for me”, even when they didnt go to college. In some ways i think its that in an attempt not to big-note ourselves, we instantly make our selves unworthy which is stupid!

    Xin guys not at college need to work out what it means to be a man. Xin guys at college or in leadership roles within a church need to both show the other guys what it means by their actions, but also get along side them and help them to work it out.

  5. “As a single christian bloke, i always thought “that girl is way too good for me”, even when they didnt go to college”

    thats a good point – because personally i think that if a guy is intimidated by me now, he probably would have been before i was at college too… which is insane because i’m really not that scary ;)

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