2 great sermons from Paul Matthies at The Village Church

If you are single or married you should listen :-)

Here is a quote from part 1 – probably the best advice I’ve ever heard that you need to know when your talking to your single friends –

Every time married people tell singles, “just learn to be content and then you’ll get a spouse,” you are attaching the expectation of a blessing.  And all we do every day as singles is worry about giving it up so that we can finally get it.  And you put us in this terrible spin cycle of, “God I just want to surrender it to you.  I don’t want it anymore. [feeling his right side for ribs] Shoot, my rib’s still here.”  That’s what happens.  And all we do as singles is spend all our time trying to give it up so we can get it.  And it’s just a walking paradox.  Because we think we can fool God and tell Him, “I’m done.  I can be single the rest of my life……where are you?  I’ve given it up.”  Our desires are still the same.  Married people, don’t tell us that, put us out, we’re on fire!  That’s what you’re called to do.  Encourage us in our singleness.  Encourage us that it’s a good gift.  Remind us of why God has given us this blessing. But don’t say, “as soon as you learn to be content…expect to get it.” Because that’s a works based mentality and we serve a gracious God not a God who functions by works.

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