What not to say to your single friends… #7


#7 – I’ll find you a husband/wife!

I had an interesting conversation after church tonight about singleness and how a church that is mostly families should be serving the few single people they have.

Towards the end of the conversation my minister asked me and another girl if we thought that it is his job as our pastor to find us a husband.  I’ll admit that I thought about it a minute before replying with a less than confident no. But the more I think about it the more confident I am about that answer.

His job is not to find me a husband (and for the record he doesn’t think thats his job). His job is to teach me. Teach me the bible, teach me how to make wise, godly decisions, teach me how to love and trust God, teach me to find satisfaction in God no matter what my marital status. He is to teach me how to live a life that glorifies God in whatever stage I’m at.

But that’s not just his job. Its yours too. And mine.

Isn’t that what we should be wanting for our friends? Shouldn’t we be encouraging them all to keep trusting Jesus with everything?

I’m not saying you can’t ever try and set people up (if you can find a way that isn’t really awkward!) I’m just saying that a change of martial status is not always the answer. Trusting God, on the other hand, IS always the answer. So lets point our friends to that instead.

3 thoughts on “What not to say to your single friends… #7

  1. More Kt-rae gold!
    These are excellent – you should think about putting them all together into some leaflet/book format when you’re finished.

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