“Pastoral Care is bigger than evangelism”


The boys at The Pilgrims Podcast have rocked my world this afternoon.

Their latest episode is the beginning of a 4 or 5 week series on pastoral care. Their guests were Rev Allen Cook and Jan Corbett-Jones. Allen worked in parish ministry for many years, then as a Chaplain at Westmead Hospital and currently serves with the Anglican Retirement Villages.  Jan, a mother and grandmother, now works with Anglicare with pastoral care at the RPA.  Both Allen and Jan teach pastoral care as part of the Diploma course at Moore Theological College.

Seriously this has made me wish I had the chance to re-do about a billion conversations in my life – including some very recent ones.

Allen and Jan talk to Mark and Steve about the difference between Pastoral Care and counselling, why Pastoral Care is so important, what to say and not to say, and Jan tells us why Pastoral Care is bigger than evangelism.

Listen here.

2 thoughts on ““Pastoral Care is bigger than evangelism”

  1. Kt, those are very kind words. Thank you :)

    I’m really blown away by it too – I’ve got such a greater appreciation for chaplains now, and a total challenge to how I approach caring for people. Listening to those guys really makes you realise we’re such beginners eh… but have a great God who helps us…

  2. its so easy to forget that we are such beginners!

    Allen and Jan are great! I also hope that their stuff gets worked into the BD before we leave.

    Looking forward to the next few episodes =)

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