Inside the mind of Alzheimer’s

Over the past few weeks podcasts have become my new obsession. I’ll admit it started because I was looking for something to listen to in-between Serial episodes (If you don’t know what I’m talking about stop reading and start binge listening to it immediately!).

One of the podcasts I stumble upon is Strangers. Though it’s not my favourite, I quite enjoy it and the latest episode (called Mind Shaft) blew me away. The host, Lea Thau, interviews Greg O’Brien, an investigative reporter diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Greg shares what’s it like to experience this horrible disease from the inside. He describes Alzheimer’s as dark and scary – ‘a mind that’s 5 miles deep’.

OnPlutoHe tells his story because ‘if I’m not pushing forward … I’m falling backwards’. He’s eloquent and charming and tells a fascinating story. But it’s also incredibly sad, because he knows how it ends.

Greg has also written a book about his experience called On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s. I’ve just bought it and will post more about it when I’ve read it.

Listen to the podcast here. Buy Greg’s book here.

“Pastoral Care is bigger than evangelism”


The boys at The Pilgrims Podcast have rocked my world this afternoon.

Their latest episode is the beginning of a 4 or 5 week series on pastoral care. Their guests were Rev Allen Cook and Jan Corbett-Jones. Allen worked in parish ministry for many years, then as a Chaplain at Westmead Hospital and currently serves with the Anglican Retirement Villages.  Jan, a mother and grandmother, now works with Anglicare with pastoral care at the RPA.  Both Allen and Jan teach pastoral care as part of the Diploma course at Moore Theological College.

Seriously this has made me wish I had the chance to re-do about a billion conversations in my life – including some very recent ones.

Allen and Jan talk to Mark and Steve about the difference between Pastoral Care and counselling, why Pastoral Care is so important, what to say and not to say, and Jan tells us why Pastoral Care is bigger than evangelism.

Listen here.

The Pilgrim’s Podcast

pplogo-150x150Some mates of mine from college, Mark and Steve have their very own weekly podcast!

They gave me some shout outs in this week’s episode so I thought it was only fair (since they asked on air ;) ) that I give them a shout out of my own – Love your work men!

The Pilgrim’s Podcast is some fun banter between Mark and Steve as they interview guests from inside and outside of college and chat about God, SMBC love spot, shnouncements  and various other things. Keep listening to hear my cameo!

Visit their blogs to listen or subscribe on iTunes.