Lead us not into temptation…

‘but deliver us from evil…’

How much are you willing to give up in order to remove temptation from your life?

I don’t think we take this seriously enough. Too often I see young men and women who, for the sake of money, time and/or convenience continue to put themselves in the path of massive temptations, and try to resist it rather than remove it. Sometimes that will work but more often than not it won’t.

I guess the question is, how much is ‘being delivered from evil’ worth to you? How much is Jesus worth to you? Is he worth more than the amount of money or time that you would have to give up to remove temptation from your life?

2 thoughts on “Lead us not into temptation…

  1. wow ~ i happened across your blog because i googled postsecret and you must have a pic of one somewhere…then i saw you were a christian so i was just nosing around…and then i saw this entry…


    sometimes you just need to hear things (or read things) like that…

    i LOVE God moments like that —

  2. hi michelle – hope you have enjoyed nosing around :-)

    i had a moment like that last nite too! funny how God always manages to find the most unusual ways to slap us when we need it

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