Subordination vs Subjugation

It intrigues me when people opposing the complementarian view use the words ‘subordination’ and ‘subjugation’ interchangeably.

These words in fact are not synonyms of each other so I wonder if people who use them as such (especially when the appear like this – ‘subjugation/subordination’) are ignorant of the meaning of the words they use, or if they are busy pushing an agenda.

3 thoughts on “Subordination vs Subjugation

  1. well, according to the dictionary

    subordinate means ‘lower in rank or position’

    subjugate means ‘bring under domination or control, esp. by conquest’

    in my mind subordination is about order of things, whereas subjugation is about domination of one person by another.

  2. In management parlance, subordination has people under control; subjugation in historical perspective has power vested after conquer

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