John Stott on sexual purity

One of the things that I found hardest to get used to at college was chicks’ chapel. I can’t really explain why – I just found it a bit odd.

But I have grown to really love it. Because there’s not heaps of girls at college 2nd, 3rd and 4th year girls all get to preach at some point which is great. I love being taught by those I study along side of.

For the last 2 weeks Jane Tooher, who is on faculty at college, has preached a 2 part sermon from 1 Thessalonians 4 on sex and sexual purity. Towards the end of part 2 she shared a John Stott quote about sexual purity taught in the Bible and how we respond to it as single people. I thought it was so good that I would share it too.

“We too must accept this apostolic teaching, however hard it may seem, as God’s good purpose both for us and for society. We shall not become a bundle of frustrations and inhibitions if we embrace God’s standard, but only if we rebel against it. Christ’s yoke is easy, provided that we submit to it. It is possible for human sexual energy to be redirected both into affectionate relationships with friends of both sexes and into the loving service of others. Multitudes of Christian singles, both men and women, can testify to this. Alongside a natural loneliness, accompanied sometimes by acute pain, we can find joyful self-fulfilment in the self-giving service of God and other people.” (Stott, The Message of Thessalonians 84-45).

3 thoughts on “John Stott on sexual purity

    • Not read your blog….? No……..please don’t sentence me to that!!! I probably should have put a big wink at the end of my ironic sentence just to make it perfectly clear it was said very much tongue in cheek! Love your work & love you…..but you know that anyway, right?

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