Facebook Free Fridays

Last night I decided that from now on my Fridays will be Facebook free. There’s a few reasons I’m doing this but ultimately I recognise that Friday afternoons are a time I easily get distracted and waste, so I’m trying to be intentional about using this time well.

My first time commitment is to prayer in two ways. First is updating people about how they can support me – particularly in prayer. So I have created a Prayer & Support page that I will try to update each week. I’d love for you to be praying for me (I definitely need it!) but, secondly, I would also love to be praying for you. If there is something I can be praying for I’d love for you to contact me and let me know. I’m going to set aside some time on my Facebook free friday to pray and would love to included you in my prayers.

I’ve got quite a few things on my list for Fridays (at this rate I’ll be needing 2 Facebook free days). At the moment my top 3 things are prayer, non-college reading and real contact with people (ie phone calls) I haven’t spoken to for a while. Anything else I should add??

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