‘Monster’ is right. And disturbing.

Here’s a sneak peek of Kanye West’s new song Monster.

I find it very disturbing. It gets worse with the Behind the Scenes video I couldn’t finish watching.

Here’s what Melinda Tankard Reist on ABC Drum Unleashed.

Dead women a turn off?  Not at all. Kanye West, on the bed with the two young white dead women, shows no hesitation. He moves the lifeless arm of one onto the leg of the other, before cupping the porcelain like face of the first woman to kiss her.

Hanging from the rafters in stiletto heels, standing rigid in lingerie, expired on a bed. The white women in these scenes are depicted as subordinated to the black man, reminiscent of the pornographic representation of black men who love to ravish white women, to tarnish and spoil their ‘pure’ bodies.

Limp, floppy, rendered powerless these doll-like bodies retain their seductive, sexual allure. Sure, they might be dead. Sure they can’t consent. Sure they wanted it.

I wonder who thought of this scene?

I wonder too. Read the whole article here.


As bad as the videos are, it gets worse when you read the comments on the drum unleashed article. The number of people who think this is ok scares me. One even says ‘they don’t look dead to me, just stoned’. Frankly I can’t see why that makes a difference – the girl on the bed is being moved, literally controlled by a man, and whether she is stoned or dead she is helpless to stop him grabbing her face to kiss her, or moving her hand onto the leg of the stoned/dead girl beside her. Honestly its the stuff of horror stories. Of course the person who left this comment also said ‘I’m into the bed scene”. Sex with stoned girls. Hot. Apparently.

But what takes the cake is the person who says ‘Kanye West & Jay-Z are both intellectually refined & culturally astute musicians’. Wow. ‘Intellectually refined’ is definitely not the description I’d use of a man engaging in sexual acts with girls who (dead or stoned) are unable to consent to whats being done to them. The only word that springs to mind is rapist.

These attitudes are just plain scary.

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