Wikileaks and Sexual Assault

I’m honestly sick of hearing about Wikileaks. Especially when it makes people forget that Julian Assange has actually been charged with several claims of sexual assault, including one count of sleeping with a woman while she was sleeping.

I don’t know if he did it or not. But neither do all the thousands of people protesting his arrest.

This morning the ABC reported in this article that Assange’s lawyer

told the court the allegations made against his client by two Swedish women should not be taken seriously.

“It was very clear this is not an extremely serious offence. It is arguably not even a rape offence,” Mr Robertson said.

Unbelievable. Sexual assault allegations should not be taken seriously? And sex with a woman who is asleep is not rape? Well I’m glad this guy is a defence lawyer not a prosecutor.

Attitudes like this make it harder for women to come forward about sexual assault. As Melinda points out

It’s hard enough to report assault at all. The fact is the vast majority of sexual assault crimes are never reported. They never see the light of day for a range of reasons. Many women fear being blamed for what happened.

Read the whole article here.

5 thoughts on “Wikileaks and Sexual Assault

  1. Hey did you know both of the accusing women boasted about their connection to Assange the next day, one on twitter and one by sms?

    The charge of sex with a woman who is asleep is based on the claim that Assange pressed his erection into her back during the night. Which is what happens when you’re spooning a guy who is asleep and he gets an erection.

    Anna Ardin (the tweeter) has also published a book on how to get revenge on boyfriends who cheat on you, and is now refusing to co-operate with the prosecution.

    Serious charges of mass cover ups of the violent rape and sometimes torture of children, that can be proved, are piling up against clergy in every denomination in an absolute plague proportion. To date, there have been NO international arrests. It seems there is one law for the church, and a very different law for the enemies of the U.S. Empire.

    Assange’s arrest is, if nothing else, an insult to those children!

  2. I don’t think any of us are in a position to make judgements about what happened with those women, but I think each and every sexual assault claim should be taken seriously. Including those that involve clergy.

    Child abuse and the cover up in religious organisations is atrocious and needs to serious attention and action. but Assange’s arrest has little to do with that.

  3. That is very good news for the U.S. and its cronies. If none of us are in a position to make critical judgments about Assange’s arrest, then they have complete license to do this to everyone they want to!

    • The reason we can’t make judgments about what happened is we don’t have all the information. We weren’t there, we haven’t spoken to the girls or Assange, we don’t have all the details of the police investigation. If the sexual assault cases go to trial it will be someone’s job to make a judgment but that’s not us.

      If the allegations are false then I hope that the investigation finds as such. In the meantime I’m happy for the police to go about their job unhindered.

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